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Back-to-School | Digital Board Game | Ice Breaker

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If you need an engaging way for students to get to know each other, look no further than this digital board game!

Perfect for elementary teachers and homeschoolers alike, this back-to-school NO PREP digital board game makes a great addition to your:

  • Back-to-school plan
  • Ice breaker session
  • Emergency sub plans
  • Brain breaks
  • ...or just for fun!


  • Game instructions (2-4 players or teams when played competitively; can also be played cooperatively)
  • Digital board game with 46 'all about me' questions

Help your students get to know you and each other at the beginning of this school year!

How do I access this digital board game? 

You need internet access and a laptop, desktop, or tablet. (Laptops and desktops work best.) Open or share the link. No Google account or email address necessary!

Everything you need to play is on a single slide. I don't recommend cell phones because the moveable elements become small and difficult to maneuver.

Please go here before purchasing to make sure you can access the website.

You will get a PDF (475KB) file

Terms of Use: This product is licensed for personal or classroom use ONLY, unless multiple licenses are purchased. Commercial use is not allowed. Refunds: All sales are final and non-refundable due to the immediate access to digital products.

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