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Caves and Karst Unit Study | Presentation, Worksheets, Activities | LOW PREP

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Need an engaging way to introduce your students to caves and karst? Look no further than this LOW PREP unit study and research project!

Perfect for elementary teachers and homeschoolers alike, this resource covers topics—introduction to caves and karst, speleothems and cave formations, karst landscapes, cave ecosystems and adaptations, and cave and karst conservation—through cross-curricular activities.


Each lesson appeals to different types of learners: online presentation and curated videos (visual and auditory), reading passages (reading), note-taking pages and graphic organizers (writing), hands-on activities and projects (kinesthetic), and more.

Note-taking pages and graphic organizers are differentiated—primary lines, regular lines, and no lines—to match the student's handwriting skill level.


  • Cave or karst unit study (National Caves and Karst Day is on June 6)
  • Writing lessons or centers
  • Geology or social studies class
  • ...or just for fun!


  • Lesson plans (5 lessons can be spread out over days or weeks)
  • Interactive online presentations for each lesson (with optional pre-recorded voiceover audio)
  • Original reading passages for each lesson
  • Vocabulary word cards with definitions and pages for dictionary work for each lesson
  • Differentiated note-taking pages and graphic organizers (3 levels)
  • Comprehension worksheets for each lesson (short answer)
  • Quiz assessments for each lesson (15 multiple choice questions)
  • Hands-on activities and projects for each lesson


  • Types of caves (limestone caves, lava tubes, sea caves, and sandstone caves)
  • Speleothems (stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and flowstones)
  • Karst landscapes (characteristics, around the world, and animals and plants)
  • Cave ecosystems (cave zones, adaptations, entrance zone animals and organisms, twilight zone animals and organisms, troglobites, trogloxenes, and other dark zone animals and organisms)
  • Cave and karst conservation (why conservation matters; pollution, urbanization, tourism threats; and current and future conservation efforts)

Help your students become experts in all things caves and karst! Whether you're looking for an introduction to caves and karst or an assessment of prior knowledge, this resource has something for everyone. 


  • Art (drawing, coloring, arts & crafts)
  • English language arts
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Grammar
  • History
  • Reading
  • Research
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Spelling
  • Writing
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