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Love of Learning Live

Join me for weekly online live classes that ignite young learners' passions and curiosity about the world around them.

What parents are saying

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Heather has a magical way of finding topics that are perfect for curious learners. My son typically chooses Heather's science offerings but is now willing to take anything she is teaching.

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She is lighthearted and laughs often with the children. My son appreciates that Heather asks the learners what they want to learn about in the future and then she will create a class based on their interests.

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My son recently told me Ms. Heather is not only his favorite teacher but one of his close friends. This is a testament to Heather’s warmth and friendliness.

Learn Through Trivia

Does your learner think they know everything about dinosaurs? Or space? Or [insert their favorite interest here]? Well, it's time to blow their minds while we learn and laugh together!

What parents are saying

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Heather was super engaging, and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed her class! We look forward to expanding on what we learned.

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Heather is a phenomenal instructor who has so much experience, insight, and wisdom to share. She tailors these sessions to the interests of the students with whom she is working.

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I really like Heather. My son has a lot of fun with her. She really makes the class fun, and he will definitely continue to learn with her.

Weekly Trivia Game

Think you know everything about your favorite interests already? You'll soon find out!

Each week, we will play an online trivia game where learners interact with me and each other. All topics will be learner-led. When possible, I will also supply a craft or other hands-on activity that can be completed before, during, or after class.

Classes will take place on Thursdays at 4:30 PM Eastern Time. Although this class works best for 3rd-6th graders, both younger and older kids are welcome and will have lots of fun!

One Membership for the Whole Family

Never pay extra for siblings, cousins, friends, or even parents and grandparents!

If you can all fit around a single laptop or mobile device, I'd love to have you.

Can't make it one week? No worries, you will have access to all previous classes for as long as you're a member. If you don't want to be recorded on camera, just leave it off. All I ask is that you include the first names of everyone who's there!

Need More Convincing?

Here's another example of me showing patent pictures of bizarre (but real) inventions throughout history. Learners guessed the intended purpose of each before the big reveal. Be prepared to laugh, because their answers are typically almost as hilarious as the real deal!

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